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Experiencing the good stuff of life through play.

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We believe that play can make us happier, healthier humans. At So Peculiar, we utilize the power of immersive play to highlight the good in the world, making our brains--and therefore our world--a more positive place.


Our Games

PLAY has the power to grow our minds, strengthen our spirits, and heal our souls.


When we play, we view the world through a lens of wonder and possibility. We feel free to explore and discover new things. We don't fear failure, but rather we approach challenges with a lighter, more positive expectation. Engaging in play brings joy to the mundane and levity to the heaviness of life. We believe that by engaging in healthy forms of play every day, we can be smarter, healthier, and happier humans.

First and foremost, our games are designed to be FUN. But we think that fun games can also be family-friendly and enjoyable for all ages, from toddlers to centenarians.

Our Games


A cozy, updated spin on the familiar point-and-click adventure games. Sam is on a big quest to save her home planet--where Hope has been outlawed. Solve puzzles and uncover the mystery in this charming adventure.


Simulation, Collection

You’ve just sunk your life savings into buying the local Insectarium, abandoned after a bug robbery left it in shambles. Now it’s up to you to explore the town, catch bugs, talk with locals, and customize and expand the Insectarium to bring in the crowds and revive the local economy.


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