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Press Kit
Fact Sheet

So Peculiar, LLC

Based in Tennessee, USA

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Nintendo Switch


Release dates

Steam - December 6, 2023

Nintendo Switch - Spring 2024

iOS/Android - Spring 2026


$14.99 USD

$14.79 EUR


Catch bugs and clues in this cozy bug-catching sim/creature collector styled like an 8-bit classic. You’ve bought the local bug museum, abandoned after a mysterious robbery. Fill orders, build your collection, and upgrade your skills and equipment while exploring Buggburg and uncovering its secrets.


Bug & Seek is a relaxing, open-ended, bug catching sim/creature collector with a mystery twist. In Bug & Seek, you've just sunk your life savings into buying an abandoned Insectarium (bug museum)! Once the lifeblood of the town and its economy, someone stole all the bugs in the dead of night. Now it's up to you to catch and sell bugs, fulfill requests from the local shops, and re-establish the Insectarium as a town icon. Become a master bug hunter as you level up your bug-catching skills, upgrade your equipment, and expand your Insectarium. Meet the locals and complete quests to earn special items and discover what really happened during The Great Bug Heist. 

You don't have to worry about energy levels and you have plenty of time to complete quests and jobs. And even if you fail to complete something, it will come around again. Bug & Seek brings the relaxation back to cozy games.


COLLECT - Over 175 different real life bugs to collect, and every one of them comes with a humorous catch-phrase and a true, informative short description. You'll never look at real insects the same way again. Fill your codex with bug data, fill your Insectarium with bugs, and complete the local University's collection with bugs in each of the 10 categories of bugs you can find.

✤ CUSTOMIZE - Customize, decorate, and expand your Insectarium to house all of the bugs you catch. You can name each bug that you put on display. Even name your Insectarium.

✤ EXPLORE - Explore five visually unique biomes in the cozy, open world of Buggburg: Meadows, Wetlands, Desert, Beach, and the Town Square. Find new bugs in each area. As the seasons change, or as day turns to night, so do the bugs! Each area, season, and time of day means new possibilities for what you might catch!


✤ MASTER BUG CATCHING - Level up your bug catching skills with every catch. Bug & Seek offers 11 different categories of bugs with 4 different levels of rarity (and value). Keep catching bugs to earn your place as a Master Bug Hunter and discover every bug the game has to offer.

✤ QUEST - From the mayor to the herb farmer, meet the 19+ locals of the
town and perform missions for them to earn special gear and items, secrets and gossip, and maybe even haikus. The local merchants can always give you bug orders to fill as well.

✤ SOLVE THE MYSTERY - One year ago someone broke into the Insectarium in the middle of the night and stole all of the bugs in an incident known as The Great Bug Heist. The Insectarium was shut down, and a vital piece of the Buggburg economy ground to a halt. Talk to locals to uncover clues and see if you can piece together what really happened to solve the mystery and unmask the guilty party.

OFFicial Release Trailer
the studio / team

So Peculiar is a tiny indie studio of two, who happen to be married:
Chera and Craig Meredith. Chera spent the last seven years
studying game design and coding as a hobby, which she now puts
to use in Bug & Seek, and Craig is a recovering attorney who
handles most of the art and written content for Bug & Seek. This will
be their debut project.

Game History & Vision

After moving to the woods of East Tennessee, Craig and Chera spent lots of time walking and hiking to see what they could see. And what they could see were bugs—lots and lots of bugs. Bugs so odd they had to be looked up to figure out what they were. In this time of discovery and wonder, Chera came up with the idea for a game that captured a bit of what they were experiencing in real life. And the idea and the timing came together, and Craig and Chera started developing Bug & Seek together, full time.

We are developing Bug & Seek to introduce players to the fascinating world of insects. While the player will be exploring a cozy and humorous fictional town, the bugs they catch are not fictional—every bug in the game is real, and presented with real information from the bug’s perspective.


Our hope is that not only will players enjoy the relaxing gameplay and creature-collecting of Bug & Seek, but they will also view the world around them with new appreciation and wonder. A bug that spits acid? Check. A bug that can stuff itself so full of nectar it can’t walk anymore and has to be carried around? Yup. A bug that puts its babies to work as little thread dispensers? You bet. Bugs that weave, bugs that sew, bugs that shoot, bugs that sculpt with clay or poop? Yes, yes, yes, and oh yes.

Because we’re suckers for a good story, as players engage with the core gameplay of Bug & Seek (explore, collect, level up, expand), they can also collect clues from the 19+ NPC’s in the town of Buggburg to piece together the story of the Great Bug Heist and try to unmask the culprit.

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