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So Peculiar, LLC

Based in Tennessee, USA

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Release dates

Steam - 2025

iOS/Android - 2025





A cozy, updated spin on the familiar point-and-click adventure games. Sam is on a big quest to save her home planet--where Hope has been outlawed. Solve puzzles and uncover the mystery in this charming adventure.


Closer Than You Know (CTYK) is a cozy, fresh take on the familiar point-and-click adventure games. Packed with story and puzzles, CTYK is a great introduction to point-and-clicks while also being fun for fans of nostalgic point-and-click adventure games.

Young Sam has a spark of creativity burning inside her, but Granican law has deemed any such talents “dangerous” and “a threat to the Granican way of life.” While imprisoned for the crime of invention, Sam breaks free and discovers the seed of an ancient magic that starts her on a quest to Earth where--with the help of a friendly praying mantis--she collects fragments of Hope to restore life to her home planet.


COLLECT HOPE - See the wants and needs of those around you. Fulfill their wishes and gather Hope to take back home.

✤ EXPLORE WHIMSICAL WORLDS - See your world from Sam's eyes as you venture through areas ranging from a lush tropical rainforest, to the frigid arctic, to an actual ant colony. 


✤ MAKE NEW FRIENDS - Strangers are just friends you haven't met, and in CTYK you will meet a lot of new friends! From a bravely insecure capybara to a brash, near-sighted bat, Sam's ability to talk to animals means that any creature great or small is someone to interact with.

✤ BESPOKE PUZZLES - Dozens of uniquely designed puzzles are carefully set into the world, bringing you ever more into Sam's experience.

✤ FULLY VOICE ACTED - Each character is professionally voiced, bringing to life to this cinematic experience.

✤ CUSTOM SOUNDTRACK - A stunning custom soundtrack accompanies your journey. Each new place to explore comes with its own unique and carefully crafted track.

OFFicial DEMO Trailer
the studio / team

So Peculiar is a tiny indie studio of two, who happen to be married: Chera and Craig. Chera spent the last seven years studying game design and coding as a hobby, which she now puts to use as a full-time indie developer, and Craig is a fiction writer who also writes for So Peculiar, does pixel art, and manages So Peculiar's business development. CTYK is their second major release, after Bug & Seek in December 2023.

Game History & Vision

Chera was a stay-at-home mom with two young kids and no intention to make games. When Chera's oldest son turned five years old, he asked for a "big kid game," and while Chera had no idea what that meant, the request sent her down a rabbit trail of Googling, emailing, and asking questions. She thought it might take her a whole year to finish, but it's only taken nine years...


In the meantime Chera and husband Craig went full-time indie. They took a 2-year break from CTYK and released Bug & Seek on Steam in December 2023. Now with a major release under their belt, they are back to work on Closer Than You Know.

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