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Cozy Maze Game

Casual - Free to Play

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Who Knew Space Exploration Could Be Fun and Relaxing?

Cozy Maze Game is a cozy exploration game. Collect fragments and stars as you navigate procedurally-generated planets in space. Avoid enemies, unlock new features, and even use bombs!


This game was created by my son (age 10) and me (his mom) as a part of the Global Game Jam 2021. My son did all the art and design, while I did the coding and sound.



"I'm not a very competitive gamer. It makes it difficult to find games I enjoy and play frequently. Wander in the Dark is one of those games that's perfect for the casual gamer! You can track your goals, and I love that there's an option for normal mode or challenge mode! The sounds are soothing and it's a calm game while still being challenging!"

- iOS Player

"It's really fun."

- Conner, age 7

"Deceptively chill, Wander in the Dark lulls you into a relaxing fog as you wander right off a ledge. 😆  In the same way that those floating Strawberries called my name in Celeste, I found myself wanting to hunt down the extra shards (for the 1 UP) only to carelessly die multiple times on the way, lol.  The real antagonist is the calming atmosphere, much like Mr. Tumnus' pan flute." Player

Collect all the shiny things as you dodge enemies and clear the fog in unique, procedurally generated maps.

If you like mazes, you'll enjoy playing Cozy Maze Game. Collect shiny things to unlock custom map colors, soundscapes, and more.

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