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a bug-catching simulator

Catch bugs for your bug museum

In this cozy, bug-catching simulator, you’ve just bought the local Insectarium, abandoned after a bug robbery years ago. Now it’s up to you to catch bugs, explore the town, talk with locals, and customize and expand the Insectarium to bring in the crowds and revive the local economy.


You’ve just sunk your life savings into buying the local Insectarium! Once the lifeblood of the town and its economy, someone stole all the bugs from the Insectarium in the dead of night, and the town never quite recovered. Now, years later, can you be the one to restore the Insectarium to glory and revive the fortunes of the town?

  • Catch Bugs - With over 135 different bugs, ranging from common insects to some of the most rare and valuable insects in the world, the possibilities for your Insectarium are endless. And every bug comes with a humorous tagline based on real-world information as well as an informative short description!

  • Customize and Expand Your Insectarium - Upgrade your bug tanks, choose your own decor, expand the building itself, and create the best Insectarium the town has ever known. And of course, fill it with bugs!

  • Explore The World - From its caves and forests to beaches and the local university, explore the cozy world of Buggburg.

  • Talk with the Locals - From the mayor to the hemp farmer (wink wink), meet the many locals of the town and perform missions for them to earn bugs, coins, and maybe even haikus.

  • Uncover the Mystery - See if you can piece together what really happened as you solve the mystery of the great bug heist!

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